Merry Christmas!

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Christmas began strangely this year… at 8:30 I woke up with no sign of our children. However, by the time I returned from the kitchen with tea and coffee the bed was crowded with happy faces and overflowing stockings. The morning proceeded with the usual opening of and playing with presents. We were joined by the Etisoys for more presents and Christmas dinner, followed by Doctor Who.

Christmas Eve!

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Up at 4am with David, and off through thick fog to Manchester airport to meet Ana. Got there with minutes to spare. Coffee and a sandwich at Costa before hitting the road again. Got home in time for lunch. Later this afternoon we’re going to the Christmas Carol service at King’s Church.

Avoiding tidying my office

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On Saturday the first of our Christmas visitors arrive, and I need to have my office ready to duty as our guest bedroom (like, not having an empty computer case and power supplies and other bits sitting in the middle of the floor). Instead, I’m doing this.

Earlier today… I went to Kendal with three objectives: get the central locking on my car fixed, fix the touch screen in the shop, and get a VPN client working for one of our buyers. The garage couldn’t fix the car, they’ll need a whole day. The shop was too busy for me to get at the till. And I was knocking on the wrong door, which was why there appeared to be nobody home to let me at the buyer’s PC.

Oh well… things did get better.

Now Reading: Heechee Rendezvous

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Heechee Rendezvous by Frederik Pohl. I read this many years ago, probably when it was first published. So many books from this time (late 1970s – early 1980s) are now sadly dated, but I’m enjoying re-reading these as much as I did when they were new.

Here’s hoping we find Gateway!

Welcome to my blog!

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Ok, this is my real blog. You should be comfortably seated before reading, in case you fall asleep.
If you’re looking for a constant flow of witty commentary on life, or occasional gems of wisdom, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want sporadic updates on what’s happening in my life, you might find some here.

Walla Crag

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Went to the Nativity play at King’s Church this morning, then after lunch Matthew and I took advantage of the unseasonably dry weather and went for a hike up Walla Crag and on to Ashness Bridge, then home along the lake. Spent a while throwing sticks into the lake for Patch to fetch; one sank and she headed for the middle of the lake looking for it, until we got her attention by throwing a big stick in behind her.