Happy Birthday to me!

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Hey, it’s my birthday!  Got up early-ish and took Patch for a totally unexpected walk (she was happy!).  Went back to bed after I got home so Helen could bring me breakfast in bed.  Traditional family presentation of presents, and singing of song.  Started reading Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things.  The main event of the day began at 11:30 — the… Read more »

Another nice day

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We’ve had a lot of nice days lately, perfect days for hikes and bike rides and such.  Here was today: I left the house at 8:30am for a run around Derwentwater – 10 miles in just under two hours.  That’s an hour longer than any run since I sprained my ankle a year ago.  Next weekend is the Keswick Half-Marathon,… Read more »

Photo: John S. Orrison

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Another old photo of my dad, this one was recently given to my aunt by my father’s girlfriend from before the war!

Now Reading: Galactic North

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Galactic North: A collection of short stories by Alastair Reynolds set in the Revelation Space universe.

Now Reading: Pushing Ice

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Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds – a Christmas present I was waiting for for ages!

Back to work… for a little while

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Went to work today, just for the morning. Caught up on a few things, brought a dead PC back to life by transplanting a new power supply. Home just in time for lunch, then went to town with my daughter for a little shopping. Swimming with David, per our usual Thursday routine (he did 11 laps, which is pretty good… Read more »

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas began strangely this year… at 8:30 I woke up with no sign of our children. However, by the time I returned from the kitchen with tea and coffee the bed was crowded with happy faces and overflowing stockings. The morning proceeded with the usual opening of and playing with presents. We were joined by the Etisoys for more presents… Read more »