Brocken Spectre from Castlehead

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Patch and I went up Castlehead this morning, after noticing a bit of mist over the lake.

File Sharing services – Dropbox and Cubby

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Need to share files between your home PC and your laptop?  There are plenty of ways to do it, but two of the easiest are Dropbox and Cubby (Google Drive is very similar).  Both sync files between your PCs and their cloud storage (up to 5GB is free, more if you’re willing to pay).  Cubby is new, and still invitation only (you can sign up on their site to get an invitation someday, or ask me for one today); Cubby does have an additional feature that Dropbox doesn’t have: while you can sync 5GB of data by going through their cloud storage, you can also sync unlimited data directly between your own PCs.

(Full disclosure: that Dropbox link is a referral link, if you click it we both get more free space; and if you ask me for a Cubby invitation that will get me more free space too.)

Update: Cubby closed down in 2016.

Windows 7 Installation Notes

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Setting up a new Windows 7 PC at work…

Windows 7 XP Mode
Download from (works better in Internet Explorer, of course)

Want the VirtualPC to be on the real network?

Want a different user?  Create the new user in the control panel, then in the VirtualPC’s Tools / Settings, Logon Credentials, click Delete saved credentials.  It will prompt you after restarting

Other useful notes at

Remember to check the regional settings in the Virtual PC – mine was set to US despite Windows 7 being set to UK.

Other Settings

Want the power button on the start menu to be able to hibernate? Turn off Hybrid Sleep


GnuCash settings folder bug + fix

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GnuCash on Windows puts its settings folders in the wrong place.
The fix is to add the line
at the end of the file
Here’s the bug report:

Edit: It appears you need to create the %AppData%\GnuCash directory first.

Cubemaster Gold

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Tetris – with many more options. An old game, but works fine on Windows XP. It doesn’t appear to be available from the author’s site any more, but the about box says “This game doesn’t cost a cent, it’s ABSOLUTE FREEWARE. You are free to use and spread it, but not for profit without our written consent.” So here it is, download away and have fun!

Cubemaster Gold v4.3