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Now Reading: Heechee Rendezvous

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Heechee Rendezvous by Frederik Pohl. I read this many years ago, probably when it was first published. So many books from this time (late 1970s – early 1980s) are now sadly dated, but I’m enjoying re-reading these as much as I did when they were new. Here’s hoping we find Gateway!

Welcome to my blog!

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Ok, this is my real blog. You should be comfortably seated before reading, in case you fall asleep. If you’re looking for a constant flow of witty commentary on life, or occasional gems of wisdom, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want sporadic updates on what’s happening in my life, you might find some here.

Walla Crag

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Went to the Nativity play at King’s Church this morning, then after lunch Matthew and I took advantage of the unseasonably dry weather and went for a hike up Walla Crag and on to Ashness Bridge, then home along the lake. Spent a while throwing sticks into the lake for Patch to fetch; one sank and she headed for the… Read more »