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File Sharing services – Dropbox and Cubby

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Need to share files between your home PC and your laptop?  There are plenty of ways to do it, but two of the easiest are Dropbox and Cubby (Google Drive is very similar).  Both sync files between your PCs and their cloud storage (up to 5GB is free, more if you’re willing to pay).  Cubby is new, and still invitation… Read more »

Dreamhost PHP max file size

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To increase the maximum file upload size for PHP on Dreamhost: Make sure you’re running PHP5.3, on the Manage Domains page on the panel, then in the shell do: mkdir -p ~/.php/5.3 cd ~/php/5.3 cat > phprc upload_max_filesize = “100M” post_max_size = “100M” ^D

Windows 7 Installation Notes

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Setting up a new Windows 7 PC at work… Windows 7 XP Mode Download from (works better in Internet Explorer, of course) Want the VirtualPC to be on the real network? Want a different user?  Create the new user in the control panel, then in the VirtualPC’s Tools / Settings, Logon Credentials, click Delete saved credentials.  It will… Read more »

GnuCash settings folder bug + fix

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GnuCash on Windows puts its settings folders in the wrong place. The fix is to add the line HOME={APPDATA}/GnuCash at the end of the file %ProgramFiles%\GnuCash\etc\gnucash\environment Here’s the bug report: Edit: It appears you need to create the %AppData%\GnuCash directory first.


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Experimenting with Tumblr

Cubemaster Gold

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Tetris – with many more options. An old game, but works fine on Windows XP. It doesn’t appear to be available from the author’s site any more, but the about box says “This game doesn’t cost a cent, it’s ABSOLUTE FREEWARE. You are free to use and spread it, but not for profit without our written consent.” So here it… Read more »

Concern Is Voiced Over Religious Intolerance –

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‘Prominent Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders held an extraordinary “emergency summit” meeting in the capital on Tuesday [7 September 2010] to denounce what they called “the derision, misinformation and outright bigotry” aimed at American Muslims during the controversy over the proposed Islamic community center near ground zero.’ via Concern Is Voiced Over Religious Intolerance –