Old Photos from the Tyler Family

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I have a small bundle of photos, which include some of my great-uncle Henry Tyler, his father Charles Napolean Tyler (1871 – 1925), some that are probably his brothers and sisters, and many that I can’t identify. The complete set is in my gallery; if anyone can identify any of the photos, I’d love to have any comments. Here are a few highlights:

“Charles Tyler. Taken the last of April 1925, had a stroke in May & died Aug 21, 1925”

Probably Henry M. Tyler in Italy. On the front: “F. S. Italia – ? – 3/11/14” On the back: “Boyer Tyler enroute”

“Love to Hank & Betty, from 6 bros & sisters. July 1949. Ed, Leo, Vet & Susie, Margaret, Louise, & Eva”