The Rewards of Being a Good Neighbor

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Imagine you live in an apartment complex.  Every apartment has a front door and a back door.  The back door opens onto a service area, where the garbage cans are.  One day you realize that the back door doesn’t really lock — you’ve got a key, and there’s a lock on the door, but you can open it without putting the key in the lock.  You check the back doors of your neighbors, opening them just enough to shout in and see if they’re home, and if they are you explain to them that there’s really no security at all on their back doors.  You inform the apartment complex management.

The next morning, you’re woken by the police, arrested for breaking and entering and trespassing.  The apartment complex management are pressing criminal charges against you.  You’re facing up a maximum of ten years in federal prison and $500,000.00 in fines, not to mention massive legal fees.

Ludicrous?  This is what happened to Andrew Auernheimer.  Read more about it at

Here’s a warning, though: I’m not giving you permission to click that link.  The owners of that web site aren’t giving you permission to click that link (they don’t even know you!).  If you do click it, you do so at your own risk.