Yosemite, day two

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Ignored alarm until 7am. Breakfast from the shop again. Checked out, stopped at the shop just in time for a power outage. Waited a while for them to get the till running, then we were off. Crane Flats for gas, then down into the valley and out the Wawona road. Stopped at the tunnel viewpoint; it’s much hazier than yesterday. Had to wait for roadworks a couple miles up the road, and again on the Glacier Point road. Fantastic views from Washburn Point. Lunch at Glacier Point. View was more stupendous than from Washburn Point. Took many photos. Ice cream on the way back to the van. On the way down a deer ran across the road in front of us, and Ana saw more in the woods. Roadworks again. Wawona Store for drinks. Brief stop at an old railway at Sugar Pine, then non-stop through Fresno to McDonalds in Farmersville. Checked in at the Comfort Inn in Three Rivers (218 miles), and now mostly just relaxing.

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