Solar Eclipse 2015 – Keswick style

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This morning was like most other mornings in the Lake District – overcast, and trying to rain.  I went out for a short walk anyway, not expecting to be able to see anything of the eclipse.  However, at just the right time a thin spot in the clouds happened to drift past where the sun should be…

New Gallery

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I’ve recently changed my photo gallery on here from Gallery to Piwigo.  The Gallery project has gone into hibernation, with no new features for quite some time. Piwigo on the other hand is supported by an active and growing user community.

What does this mean to you?

Although I’ve been able to move photos and comments from the old gallery to the new one, it wasn’t possible to move user logins.  If you want to see all the photos, you’ll need to register in the new one.  The good news is that you don’t need to have yet another username and password – you can just log in directly with Facebook or Google.

However you register I’ll have to tell the system that you are a family member before you’ll have access to all the photos.  Let me know if you have any problems.

You still need to have two logins for the family tree and the gallery, that’s something I’m going to work on.

Old Photos from the Tyler Family

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I have a small bundle of photos, which include some of my great-uncle Henry Tyler, his father Charles Napolean Tyler (1871 – 1925), some that are probably his brothers and sisters, and many that I can’t identify. The complete set is in my gallery; if anyone can identify any of the photos, I’d love to have any comments. Here are a few highlights:

“Charles Tyler. Taken the last of April 1925, had a stroke in May & died Aug 21, 1925”

Probably Henry M. Tyler in Italy. On the front: “F. S. Italia – ? – 3/11/14” On the back: “Boyer Tyler enroute”

“Love to Hank & Betty, from 6 bros & sisters. July 1949. Ed, Leo, Vet & Susie, Margaret, Louise, & Eva”

The Dreke family of Winona Minnesota

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Henry Dreke was born in 1837 in Germany, and married his wife Caroline there. Their three children, Lena, Minnie, and William Charles were born in Germany, before the family moved to America. How and why they ended up in Winona, Minnesota, I don’t know, but on 7 October 1891 William married Louise Seekamp there. The children of William and Louise were Lillie Emily (my grandmother), Henry F., Elizabeth (known to me as my Aunt Betty), and Emma. Follow the links to my genealogy site for more information. I have a lovely set of photos from Fawcett’s Photo Gallery which operated in the 1890s.

Latrigg Sunrise

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Matthew and I got up early this morning, drove as far as we could up the Latrigg road, and walked up to the summit for some sunrise photos.